My Family Matters to Me: 12 Tips Sheets

A Super Series of 12 Tip Sheets is a great way to support parents who want to learn more about their kids. Topics run from learning about the Eight Intelligences (How is Your Kid Smart? Not, How Smart is Your Kid?) to Summer Learning Loss, to Having Fun in the Kitchen with world-class Chef Alex Cheswick.

My Family Matters to Me: Playbook

You As A Child’s Teacher Learn what it mean to be a good parent. Find out how to lay a strong foundation for your children so that they are healthy and happy and prepared for life. Written exercises help you define what’s missing and instill or bring back your core values as a family.

Take a Little Time: Mindfulness Moments for Kids and Families

Listen and Learn about Mindfulness 101.  The Beginner’s Mindfulness MP3 and written Mindfulness exercise is a great tool for improving one’s mood and reducing stress and anxiety.  Research shows that Mindfulness increases student readiness to learn and improve cognitive performance.

In Grandpa’s Hands: A Child’s Celebration of Family

Hear in this video, in the author’s own words, what inspired her to write “In Grandpa’s Hands” and her desire to honor not only her father, but all grandfathers from around the world.

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20 Questions: Influential Factors in the Success of a Child’s Life!

Read the transcript from a nationally-syndicated radio interview where Dr. Uhrik talks about the research on one of the most influential factors in the success of a child’s life!

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Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

This MP3 on Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences will describe each of the Eight Intelligences, the strengths, characteristics, and potential career choices. See how many kinds of intelligence your child possesses!

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