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September 2023 Grandparents Day

Ever felt like you lived in a neighborhood, but didn’t really didn’t know your neighbors? Didn’t feel connected? Didn’t even know your neighbor’s name?

Sure. We might wave “Hi” but have you ever really had a conversation beyond the usual, “How’s it going?”

This feeling of wanting to get more of a sense of connection with the people in my own neighborhood really haunted me. One day, I realized that I might be standing in line at the grocery store and not know if anyone in that line was my neighbor!

Fast forward, to the Grandparents Day event proclaimed in 1979 by then President Jimmy Carter to the birth of 2023 Grandparents Day—Celebration of Family in Mather, California. Check out the pictures to see how a community comes together to play, have fun, and get connected. For more information on how you can organize a Grandparents Day event like this, contact

The National Council of Breakfast Clubs

would like to acknowledge the California Department of Education for its outstanding commitment to the statewide effort to  launch of a new collaborative online campaign, “Advance Social and Emotional Learning in California,” to engage educators, school leaders, and families in a wider conversation about how to advance, elevate, and spur action on Social and Emotional Learning.

Tony Thurmond, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

“The social and emotional well-being of our students has always been important. Now more than ever, it needs to be an integral aspect of distance learning practices. This campaign will allow educators to not only share their current strategies, but participate in conversations that will impact social and emotional learning decisions moving forward.“

Please see Dr. Uhrik’s curriculum materials Social-Emotional Learning: The New Smart Toolkit for Educators.


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