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Dr. Marlena Uhrik

Dr. Marlena Uhrik, a luminary in education for over four decades, ignites minds and shapes futures with unwavering dedication. Her visionary leadership and boundless passion for children and families have left an indelible mark on communities worldwide.

Recognized as a “Woman of Distinction” in March 2024, she continues to advocate for education and social welfare, earning accolades from prestigious organizations. As founder of The Kids’ Breakfast Club and an award-winning author, her impact transcends borders, empowering educators and inspiring countless lives.

Dr. Uhrik’s legacy reflects a profound commitment to nurturing the next generation and fostering connections that enrich both professional endeavors and personal fulfillment.



CEO, All Ways Learning, LLC


Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Educational Leadership

Dissertation: Assessing the Effectiveness of The Kids’ Breakfast Club Nutrition Program at John Muir Elementary School

M.A. University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. Educational Administration

Thesis: A Guidebook for Childcare Professionals

B.A. San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.
Major: Social Science Minor: English

California Community Colleges Instructor Credential,
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

California Teaching Credential, Designated Subjects, Life


Education Programs Consultant, After School Program Office, California Department of Education 2010-present

  • Monitor Region 1 and 2 Northern California for compliance issues
  • Provide statewide Categorical Program Monitoring (CPM)
  • Provide technical assistance, support and consulting
  • Member of Policy, Practices and Procedures Committee
  • Wrote the After School Education and Safety (ASES)
  • Request for Application (RFA)

Education Programs Consultant, California Department of Education, Healthy Start Coordinator, California Department of Education 2009-2010

  • Monitor and provide technical assistance to 23 statewide Healthy Start grantees
  • Monitor the Healthy Start contract with UC Davis
  • Prepare reports for print and web-based statewide distribution
  • Participate in P-16 Policy committees/sub-committees
  • Plan and assist in organizing webinars, statewide summits and conferences
  • Provide legislative analysis as needed

School Health Education Consultant, California Department of Education 2005-2009


  • Develop and implement statewide campaign for Student Assistance Programs (SAP) including SAP Packet, CDE website
  • Organize statewide SAP Conference in San Francisco
  • Develop and implement Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) prevention and intervention programs and strategies for at-risk youth
  • Promote statewide Character Education programs

Classroom Teacher, Hayward Unified School District, Hayward, CA. Implemented classroom curriculum


  • Served on School Based Decision-Making Council (SBDM)
  • Prepared school wide Disaster Preparedness Materials

Founder, The Kids’ Community Breakfast Club and Our Kids’ Community Breakfast Club (OKCBC), Sacramento, CA


  • Conducted leadership training for my community engagement model
  • Established and replicated my model established 20 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Monitored program operations

Early Childhood Instructor, School of Social Sciences, Chabot College, Hayward, CA


  • Taught curriculum for Early Childhood Education, Literature for the Young Child, and Child, Family and Community classes
  • Mentored teacher candidates
  • Designed elective class for Educational Leadership Training
  • Coordinated annual community wide Children’s Celebration with 500 participants
  • Created Elective Course in Educational Leadership

Program Coordinator for Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities/Tobacco Use Prevention Education


  • Conducted and reviewed assessments and data for school safety and student wellness in order to develop appropriate student programs and services
  • Secured and monitored $750,000 in grants for Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) which provided a comprehensive program serving 4 high schools totaling 6,500 students
  • Administered and monitored 3 state and federal grants totaling over $418,000 which provided prevention/intervention programs and services for 24,000 students
  • Participated in monitoring a federal partnership grant for $300,000 shared by Hayward Police Department which provided Drug Abuse Prevention Programs
  • Maintained records for the Coordinated Compliance Review with commendations from the state for educational leadership and community involvement
  • Developed clear, consistent District Board Policies and procedures regarding Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD)
  • Conducted professional development activities that included training on current laws affecting school safety and student health
  • Participated in community wide collaborative relationships with students, parents, community organizations and law enforcement that produced ATOD prevention/intervention events
  • Organized District wide Disaster Preparedness Committee
  • Designed, implemented and monitored the Wellness Site Coordinator program with 37 participants who provided monthly prevention themes at their school sites which provided a coordinated school health program for students and their families
  • Designed, implemented and monitored the TUPE Peer Educator program with over 60 student participants who provided classroom presentations to their peers
  • Interviewed, monitored and evaluated 10 Independent Contractors who provided prevention/intervention services for at-risk youth
  • Provided trainings, monitoring and reviews for paraeducators as the District’s Early Childhood Consultant for the California Early Mental Health Initiative (EMHI), Primary Intervention Program (PIP)

Education Consultant, Uhrik and Associates, Hayward, CA


  • Provided educational seminars, workshops/trainings for parents, teachers, child care professionals and caregivers
  • Developed materials for building self-esteem in children taught at Ohlone College
  • Created “Less Stress For Kids,” a stress management class for GATE and other students taught at summer session at Chabot College and San Lorenzo School District
  • Provided educational seminars for parents at Kaiser Permanente Hospital

Founder/Executive Director, The Kids’ Breakfast Club (TKBC) in Hayward, CA


  • Developed non-profit organization designed to improve the quality of life for children and their families
  • Planned, administered and evaluated all program components
  • Provided free, nutritious breakfasts and educational activities to children and their families when school is not in session
  • Arranged adult education classes, literacy opportunities, arts and crafts and dental/medical screenings and referrals
  • Coordinated nutrition education classes for adults and children
  • Assisted in the recruitment of volunteers
  • Trained cadre of volunteers to assume leadership roles within the program
  • Wrote and monitored grants from local and state funders for an annual budget of $80,000.00
  • Provided public relations, outreach and marketing strategies
  • Developed training manuals/materials for volunteers, presenters
  • Supervised staff and provide staff development meetings
  • Evaluated and documented program achievements and provided reports for funders and other stakeholders and TKBC Annual Board meeting
  • Monitored program costs and researched community resources for program implementation


In Grandpa’s Hands, Publisher: White Stag Press

My Family Matters to Me—The ABC’s of Home Improvement

A Guidebook for Family Day Care Providers, Publisher: McGraw-Hill


  • “Student Assistance Programs, Helping Kids Before They Hit the Streets,”
    Alcohol and Drug Programs Conference, Ready to Learn Conference “For Real” Alcohol Prevention program at the California State University Chancellor’s office Conference, Long Beach, CA
  • “What’s Up With Guns?” A gun violence prevention assembly done with PowerPoint. Fall. Piloted in Hayward Middle Schools, now shown statewide in assemblies for students.
  • “Whole Child Wellness,” Hayward Unified School Board, Hayward, CA, Lead to HUSD Food Policy.
  • “Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs on Our Campuses,” Hayward Unified School Board, Hayward, CA. Lead to new ATOD Board Policies.


  • Governor’s Prevention Advisory Council
  • Hayward Alcohol Policy Coalition
  • Council for the Prevention of Drinking and Driving
  • Alameda Tobacco Control Coalition, Executive Board Member
  • Hayward Drug Prevention Council
  • UC Cooperative Extension Coalition on Child Nutrition
  • CSUEB Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Advisory Board


  • National Advisory Board 21st Century Schools, Yale University
  • Human Services Commissioner—City of Hayward
  • Chamber of Commerce—City of Hayward


  • Provided final edit for NETA/Nutrition Matters! University of California Cooperative Extension—Alameda County, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Material Review Board for California Healthy Kids Resource Center
    Reviewed and evaluated various nutrition education materials including curricula and videos


  • California Department of Education (CDE) P-16 Resource Kit for Building Partnerships to Close the Achievement Gap
  • CDE Student Assistance Programs (SAPs) Webpage and Bulletins
  • Wellness Site Coordinator Program and Handbook
  • Family Wellness Guide—24,000 distributed annually
  • Tobacco Use Prevention Education Handbook
  • HUSD Board Study Sessions Materials—Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Whole Child Wellness–emphasis on nutrition and physical activity
  • ATOD Board policy and support documents–Intervention Referral Form, Flow chart of suspensions/expulsions, Smoking Citation Form


  • United States Presidential Award for Service
  • Hayward Rotary Club’s Vocational Award
  • United States House of Representatives, Congressional Record Honoring
    the 10th Anniversary of The Kids’ Breakfast Club
  • Public Education Service Award – Alameda County Office of Education Honorary Service Award – California Congress of Parent, Teachers, and Students, Inc.
  • Congressional Recognition for The Kids’ Breakfast Club Volunteers
  • National Community Hero Olympic Torchbearer/ Nominated by Congressman Pete Stark
  • Citizen Ambassador Program/UNICEF Delegate to South Africa
  • Service to Mankind Award – Salvation Army
  • Leadership Hayward

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