The Magic of Making a Difference

The Magic of Making a Difference: One CAN Make a Difference is dedicated to those young and old who dare to have dreams big and little.

Written to inspire and empower those who dream, and even those who have given up on their dreams, this true story is meant to share hope, inspiration, and realization of the magic that occurs when one says, “I can.” Let this legend be the energy for embracing the true spirit of “One CAN Make a Difference.

The story of Lizzy and her mom touches the heartstrings of many children and will yours too!

The Story Behind the Story By Dr. Marlena E. Uhrik, Author

There are lessons to be learned all around us, and sometimes the greatest inspiration can come from unexpected places. As I reflect on the power of how one person can make a difference, I am reminded of my own personal experience that has touched my heart forever.

As a single Mom to my two kids, I often felt lost and alone. I questioned my worth and my place in the world. It was during this difficult time when my daughter’s unwavering determination shattered my beliefs of doubt, lack, and inadequacy.

Who could forget that moment when she came home bursting with excitement as she shared the news that her class had won a canned food drive with just one can—the one can of bamboo shoots that she brought! It was the One CAN that made the difference!

The Secret Sauce of Downsizing

The Secret Sauce of Downsizing is a book for anyone at any age who wishes to simplify, organize, downsize or just change up their lifestyle! This book covers everything from soup to nuts in regards to downsizing, with tips and solutions from experts in all areas from Professional Organizing, to Legal, to Home Buying and Selling, to Mindset, to Communicating with Loved ones and so much more!

The experts in this book share their recipes for the best ways to deal with this multi-faceted, and sometimes complicated process of downsizing. With over 300,000 items in the average American home (LA Times), many people are surrounded in overwhelm. It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed just thinking about downsizing!

Do you want to know;

•Where to start?
•What to do?
•How’s this going to work?

Especially designed for those who are 55 and better, The Secret Sauce of Downsizing is also geared to help people no matter what age. Downsizing and living with less “stuff” can be a scary thought, especially for those of us that grew up with “more is better.” Let’s face it—we love our “stuff.” However, there comes a time when there is a reason or a season of our life that will dictate the necessity for change.

The Secret Sauce of Downsizing addresses the physical, social, emotional and spiritual process of “letting go of your stuff”. It’s more than just throwing stuff away, it also deals with the whole process of downsizing and creating a whole new chapter in your life.

About the author.

An educator for over 45 years, Dr. Uhrik has taught aspiring teachers around the world and received numerous local and national awards for improving the quality of life for children and families.

In 2009, Dr. Uhrik was awarded the United States Presidential Award for Service as an educator and founder of two community-based organizations: The Kids’ Community Breakfast Club in Hayward, California and Our Kids’ Community Breakfast Club in Sacramento, California.

Dr. Marlena Uhrik

Other books

My Family Matters To Me

My Family Matters To Me is designed to help parents/caregivers who feel they do not have enough “quality time” together with their family. It walks you through fun and educational, hands-on activities based on the alphabet from “A” to “Z” and encourages everyone to write in the book, color the pictures, and add family photos. So not only will you be teaching the “ABCs,” you will also be teaching things like responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty, and teamwork. Especially designed for children 5-10 years old, it is a great way to bring fun and learning together for all members of the family. 

In Grandpa’s Hands

Moments shared between grandparents and their grandchildren are moments to cherish. These are the times when hope and promise are present. In Grandpa’s Hands calls forth the special bond that occurs between the generations as they reach out to teach and touch each other’s spirit.

This book is designed to promote communication and the emotional connectedness that comes from a nurturing relationship of fundamental importance. In Grandpa’s Hands celebrates the relationship between Grandpas and their grandchildren.

Guidebook for Family Day Care Providers

or Surviving in a Home Full of Kids
A comprehensive guidebook that covers all aspects of the family day care business–accounting, hiring, and marketing. It has information on health and safety, ages and stages of childhood development, how to set up an educational environment in your home including cooking projects for kids and a host of other activities. The section on Stress Management/Caring for the Care Giver is essential and is another feature that makes this book a distinctive reference. This is also an ideal book for training programs and has been used in colleges across the country.

The Secret Sauce of Staging

Getting Your Home Ready to Command TOP DOLLAR in the Real Estate Market
Learn strategies and tips from a former clutter queen, now turned professional Home Stager! Find out about the secrets that will have you get your property ready to sell in record time, thereby increasing the real value of your home and minimizing the time on the market and maximizing your profits. Gain confidence as you super-charge yourself with the tools you need to help plan, organize, and create the perfect space that will “WOW” yourself and others. Learn what experts do to create dramatic “Before and After” effects, for maximum value and with minimum effort.

Take A Little Time

Overbooked? Stressed? As you color in your Keepsake Coloring Book, you will look, learn, and laugh as you feel that special connection this book provides for you and your child. “Take a Little Time” is designed to provide moments to remember what it feels like to take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy treasured time with treasured loved ones. You’ll smile at your results! This Keepsake Coloring Book will also make meaningful moments that you and your family will savor and remember for a long time.

Social-Emotional Learning

This Toolkit for Educators is designed for classroom use and is a companion to the book, “Take a Little Time.” The purpose of this Toolkit for Educators is to provide the necessary information, theory, scientific evidence and hands-on activities that promote Mindfulness and open the doors to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and academic success. An Action Plan and Resource List are also provided in this Toolkit to support the successful implementation of Mindfulness in schools, homes, and the workplace.

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