“What’s one of the best things about me writing my newest book for kids?  Having a kid illustrate my book for kids!!!  Thank you, Aiden, Age 14 years”

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The Magic of Making a Difference: One CAN Make a Difference

“Beautifully illustrated by a very talented teen and written from the heart by the author, this book shares the story of a young person’s desire to help others and her commitment to never give up. A good book for all ages with many ‘teachable’ moments. It will bring joy to your heart and hope for our future.”

– Helen M. 

“Reading this book brought up so many powerful lessons. The power of persistence, to keep chasing your dreams even when others say we can’t achieve them, and we can all learn from each other, no matter the age! Way to go Dr. Uhrik! You are helping to change the world one child at a time!”

– Jennifer A.

“I enjoyed reading this from an adult perspective as well as a child’s. So meaningful! And so easy to grasp. What a simple but profound way of making a difference and teaching a child that even what seems like a small gesture can make a huge difference to someone. Beautiful work, Marlena!!”

– Joanne F.


Dr. Marlena Uhrik, a luminary in education for over four decades, ignites minds and shapes futures with unwavering dedication. Her visionary leadership and boundless passion for children and families have left an indelible mark on communities worldwide.

Recognized as a “Woman of Distinction” in March 2024, she continues to advocate for education and social welfare, earning accolades from prestigious organizations. As founder of The Kids’ Breakfast Club and an award-winning author, her impact transcends borders, empowering educators and inspiring countless lives.

Dr. Uhrik’s legacy reflects a profound commitment to nurturing the next generation and fostering connections that enrich both professional endeavors and personal fulfillment.

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